Frustrated by Developmental Delays Blocking Your Healthcare Revolution?

  • Understanding the transformative potential of your product and its capacity to forever change healthcare—only to be continually met with hurdles that stall action may be extremely disheartening.

  • Here’s the good news: With my specialized expertise in medical device technology and services, combined with your revolutionary vision, we can turn those development pains into progress together.

  • You, your patients and the healthcare industry deserve to see your groundbreaking medical device or services make its mark and break free from the shackles of developmental delays. Let's bring it into the spotlight, where it truly belongs.


Common Roadblocks in Medical Device Development

Every step toward launching a medical device or service is fraught with barriers: limited resources, regulatory complexities, and team misalignments. More than just obstacles, they're direct threats to your innovation's timely impact. Recognizing and tackling these challenges early entails more than keeping timelines on track—it involves safeguarding the potential of your healthcare breakthrough. 

Understanding these barriers is your first move toward turning them into stepping stones for success.

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Meet Your Development Acceleration Guru

Hi, I'm Gregg A. Jackson, but you might know me better as the “ MedTech Acceleration Guru.” My journey into the world of medical devices and digital health technology began in an unexpected way. A pivotal moment came in 1978, while I was watching “The Six Million Dollar Man.” A scene in which Colonel Steve Austin's eye was replaced with a bionic technology…struck a deep chord with me. 

It mirrored my own life, as my father had undergone a similar transformation having his eye replaced with a glass eyeball after cancer surgery. This moment, although I did not realize it then, planted the seed for my future career. I found myself inspired by the show’s message: “We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster.” 

I was inspired to make the transformative healthcare that I saw in “The Six Million Dollar Man” a reality.

Fast forward over 25 years. I’ve not only entered the medical device field, but I also made a significant impact in it. My career is marked by my role in developing and launching over $6 billion worth of medical devices and services. I've collaborated with giants like J&J, Abbott, Boston Scientific, Getinge, and Eli Lilly. My expertise is not confined to large corporations either; I've worked with companies of all sizes, helping them fast-track and optimize their medical device or services development processes. My approach is holistic, comprehensive and agnostic—whether it's a start-up or a multinational, I bring the same passion and commitment to every project.

This is not just my profession. It’s a personal mission to realize and achieve the transformative changes I envisioned as a child. I’m now eager to apply this dedication and my extensive expertise to accelerate your medical device or services development and guide you to success in the competitive world of healthcare technology.

Medical Devices

Medical and

Hospital Equipment

Digital Health

Digital Therapeutics


Mobile Health

Wearables, IoT, IoMT

And any variety

of Connected Devices

or Connected Solutions

Guiding You From Start to Finish

  • Medical devices: From concept to market, streamline your medical device development for maximum impact.

  • Medical and hospital equipment: Enhance patient care with equipment that's both innovative and reliable

  • Digital health: Embrace the digital revolution in healthcare with solutions that connect and empower.

  • Digital therapeutics (DTx): Break new ground in patient treatment with our DTx development expertise.

  • Mobile health: Put healthcare in the palm of your hand with tailored mobile health applications.

  • Wearables, IoT, IoMT: Harness the power of wearables and Internet of Medical Things for smarter healthcare solutions.

  • Connected devices/solutions: Integrate cutting-edge, connected technologies for a seamless healthcare experience.

  • And of course: CDMO’s, CRO’s, AI and Digital Technologies, and all service providers to the healthcare industry.

Your Competitive Edge in Medical Device Product and Service Development/

In the dynamic world of medical devices and digital health technology, what sets me apart as the “ MedTech Acceleration Guru” is a blend of experience, innovation, and results-driven methodology.

  • Expert-led acceleration: With over 25 years of industry experience, my expertise accelerates your product or services development and bypasses the common pitfalls that keep so many other devices and services away from market entry.

  • Customized development solutions: Each project is unique, which is why I offer tailored Program Management, Product Development and Strategic Business Development systems that align perfectly with your specific needs and goals.

  • Proven track record: Having worked with industry giants and innovative start-ups, my methods have been rigorously tested and proven, ensuring your project is in capable hands.

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Revolutionize Your Development in Just 6 Weeks!

We all know how difficult it is to manage our product development efforts. Why not let me take care of that for you? I'll work with you and your team in 1:1 sessions and help implement an efficient system in 6 weeks or less!

Take The 8-Day Challenge!

If the idea of a 6-week program seems too long for your fast-paced needs, I have an exciting alternative: the 8-Day Startup Challenge!

Designed to deliver impactful results in just over a week, this challenge is a unique opportunity for innovators ready to rapidly advance their medical technology projects.

Take The 8-Day Challenge!

If the idea of a 6-week program seems too long for your fast-paced needs, I have an exciting alternative: the 8-Day Startup Challenge!

Designed to deliver impactful results in just over a week, this challenge is a unique opportunity for innovators ready to rapidly advance their medical technology projects.

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